Welcome to nooksmarts!

Welcome to my new blog, nooksmarts!

This blog is being created as a place for nooksters to come to find great books and valuable information for/about their nook and to connect with other nook users.

My goal is to have a blog that can relate to nooksperts (nook experts) as well as those of us who are just getting to know their nooks.

Once again I say “Welcome!” and bear with me as I get used to WordPress!! Let’s make this a fun nooksperience!

I can also be contacted at nooksmarts at gmail  dot com.



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2 responses to “Welcome to nooksmarts!

  1. mamamia

    New to nook and slogging through possibilities. Loving it
    so far. Interested in library ebooks downloading to my nook. Have
    you done This?

    • Welcome to life with a nook! I have not downloaded any e-books from a library yet. I plan on doing that soon and blogging about it. In the meantime, if you have a Facebook account, check out the nook Facebook page and go to the “discussions” tab. You can usually find answers to a lot of questions there. Thanks so much for reading my new blog!! I hope you enjoy and stick around.

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